Friday, 2 September 2011

Fireplace Industry Exhibtion, 2011

Hestia took Bodart and Gonay to the fireplace industry exhibition 'Hearth and Home', held at Harrogate in June 2011.
The exhibition is a showcase for the fireplace industry, and features the very latest in appliances, accessories and surrounds from the countries leading Manufacturers and Distributors.

Working with Bodart and Gonay, we had designed a 27m2 stand that would allow us to feature the very latest woodburners and gas fires on live display in a stylish and contemporary setting.

The build up went something like this....

Our 9m x 3m space is on the left side of this photograph.

The walls to the adjoining stands are erected.

The walls and appliances are located

The flue systems are connected
Lighting connected
Final clean up

The finished result

The stand took a small team of 4 men 3 full days to complete, and about 5 hours to completely dismantle and load up for removal!

The exhibition lasted for 3 days and was a great success for Hestia-Bodart and Gonay.

The incredible performance and looks from the worlds finest fireplaces went down a storm with some of the newest, most advanced woodburning inset stoves in the world on live working display.

There were a significant number of new leads from prospective retail partners, some great revitalised commitment from existing dealers and a tremendous interest from Architects and Interior Designers alike for future project specifications.

Watch the following video to see the show fires in action and begin to appreciate just how good these woodburners and gas fires are.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

The beginning with BG

Bodart and Gonay are a Belgian company that have been manufacturing the worlds finest wood burning, multi-fuel and gas fireplaces for the last 50 years. Ttechnologically advanced, innovative and design conscious products that have a clear position at the top end of the marketplace.

We were appointed as the new, exclusive Bodart and Gonay (BG) importer and distributor for the UK in August 2010. BG had been in the UK since 1992 and the development of the dealer network had stalled somewhat in recent years.
Our brief was straightforward, 'to develop a network of specialist retailers that can build and promote the brand in the UK marketplace, whilst building awareness in the Architect, Interior Design and Builder marketplaces'.

The first phase was to build a 'Trade Showroom' to display the range to potential re-sellers, architects, interior designers and builders. This took place during early 2011 and here are some pictures of the work in progress.

The finished showroom was opened in March 2011, and has the entire range of woodburners, multifuel stoves and gas fires represented and on live working display.
Each appliance is shown in a completed fireplace situation, depicting modern and traditional styles to give great inspiration for the design and build process. This is a fantastic facility to be able to see and feel the incredible build and performance of these machines.
These are photographs of the finished result.

 The incredible Phenix 120 GREEN shown above, with huge glass door that slides up inside the fireplace for open burning ambiance!

Since the completion of the showrooms, we have gradually increased the dealer network as more people can experience the products and appreciate the very best in woodburning stoves and balanced flue gas fires.

Several architects, builders and new partner fireplace shops have sent clients to the showrooms, where we can do a full live presentation to them, explain the variants and demonstrate how easy and clean the appliances are to operate. Needless to say, this usually leads to BG appliances being specified and is a great facility to offer.